Wild Waves

With wind gusts topping 50mph (80.5kph), the park rangers were cruising the beach yesterday, warning everyone to stay well away from the edge of the surf. They were concerned that we’d have what’s called a “rogue wave,” which has been known to surprise people and knock them down – or worse.

Locals have plenty of stories about wild weather here, one of which is about two tourists (number varies from telling to telling) in their auto getting stuck in wet sugar sand (I believe this, have seen this happen) and getting caught by a rogue wave. The fiendish wave, they like to say, was so strong and big it sucked the car out to the sea in one go. I’m not so sure about that last part – if the car was stuck wet sugar sand, I think it’d take some doing to suction it out.

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

Case in point: this tree stump washed up ashore last year and settled into the sand, and the many storms we’ve had since have shifted it ’round and ’round, and yet it’s still stubbornly entrenched.

Either way it’s amusing to hear their tall tales and wonder which one is true and which one is an attempt to pull a fast one over a non-native.


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