Crappy Fireworks

I decided to join friends for fireworks, and they told me they knew a primo spot for watching them. “Okay, great!” I said. And when we got to the spot to stake out our seats, I realized there was a problem: there was a giant rock outcropping in the way. And we were nearly half a mile from the rocks. Not ideal. Another big tip-off – no one was around to compete for good spots.

“Uh, aren’t the fireworks on the other side of that ridge?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry – they shoot them really high. We’ll have no problem seeing them.”

fireworks fourth of july
Zombie Photography

Right. That was the best shot of the bunch. And it barely peeped over the ridge, and I shot this with my crappy “big-big” zoom, because we were so far away. Oh well. Next time I’ll listen to my intuitions! We had a good time otherwise.