Blackened Aspens

Zombie Photography

Whoops, I thought I posted this last week.

Last week, I went hiking in a mountain region that had wildfires blaze through two years ago, and the charred aspens were still standing. It was quite interesting to see. The charred remains stood in stark contrast with the bold blue skies. Aspen saplings sprouted this year, and the ground was covered with knee-high yellow-green sprigs. In a year from now, the survivors will be shoulder high, and this hill will be impassable, covered by a shrub-like layer of trees. In yet another year, the survivors of their second winter will compete for sun and water, and choke out their cousins. And this forest will start thinning out.

Even though midday sun can be great for B&Ws, this isn’t quite working for me. I can’t put a finger on why. Probably composition and/or lack of a central subject. The color version is somewhat interesting, but the colors are so vibrant and saturated that it looks fake. That bothered me a heck lot more than the B&W version.