Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

This was a frustrating one, needless to say. I took this with my crappy “big big” zoom, a 30-years old Solignor lens. I knew it wouldn’t be sharp and the fringing would be horrible, and wasn’t overly concerned about that.

The frustration? If I exposed for the moonlight so that you could see a hint of craters, the “earthshadow” disappeared and so did Mars (the speck of light on upper-left). If I exposed for the earthshadow, the moonlight was overexposed.

The obvious solution was to bracket and merge the images. I of course didn’t think of doing that at the time.

The smear of light below Venus (bigger blob on lower-left) is refraction of some sort, probably from the lens.

For what it’s worth, Venus and Mars will be in close conjunction with the moon this month. Jupiter and Saturn are also visible to naked eye this month. Very cool.