About Me

I am Coffee Zombie. AKA CZ. Aka Zombie Photography. AKA Jen. I’ve been photographing for well over 20 years, and approximately 12 years ago, bought my first dSLR, a Pentax k10d, and decided if I was going to spend so much (to me) money on a camera, I’d darned well make the most of it.

I started learning more about the use of off-camera flashes (up until then, I always relied on natural light), strobes, and other lighting techniques. I’ve since then upgraded my camera body to the K5, and it is awesome!

For fun, I overuse parentheses, write fiction and am close to finishing my latest one, a sci-fi novel. I also enjoy coffee, hanging out with my golden retriever, and rock climbing.

This sounds awfully a lot like a personal ad, doesn’t it? Well, there you have it.